Welcome to CILent 2012. 


The teams at Church Support and Catholicireland.net invite you to share our Lenten journey.  We will be offering you some ideas, encouragement, support and guidance on this journey.

Our daily material is organised through the ‘Lenten Journey’ buttons which you can reach by clicking on the Lenten Journey menu
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The day by day Lenten Journey provides :
       A Biblical Theme,
       A Scripture Reading,
       A Short Reflection,

       A Story

       A Prayer,
Pictorial Thought
       (which you can
download  and use as screen saver)

Our Lenten Resources include:
-A Children's Weekly Lenten Journey-
including a theme, scripture reading, short reflection, story, game and a prayer.
-A Way of the Cross-

-A Lenten Liturgical Calendar-
-The saint of the Day-

-Daily  on-line live Masses and Services from different venues across Ireland-

We also offer you a chance to send us Your Comments and Suggestions. (just click on Comments button on menu  above).

Also you can review any preceeding day by clicking on the numbers at the bottom of the Lenten Journey pages.



        The Spirit led Jesus into the desert 
       where he stayed for forty days.  



Lent is our annual Springtime Journey  to God

         Dear Lord,
          As we accept your invitation
          to walk with you in this Lenten season,  
          be patient with us when we get distracted.

         Guide us and our Church to being ,
         more caring
and more responsive
         to  our own spiritual needs
         and those of others in our homes and
         and especially, those we left behind in the past
         in those good/
old, bad/old days
         when we should have known better.